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We're hopeless romantics who finds great joy in creating connection and beauty wherever we go.

We're hopeless romantics, pragmatic dreamers, lovers of light,  travel, and the incredible experiences that living nestled in the beauty of the mountains has to offer.

Telluride Unveiled is a nationally recognized luxury wedding production company that prides itself on creating once in a lifetime, uniquely personal celebrations.

With over two decades of experience in the events and weddings industry, our team focuses on producing events that ensure the true spirit of the couple’s commitment shines throughout their entire celebration.

We strive to produce flawless events, while always ensuring the utmost level of discretion, service and convenience.

We're Unveiled

about us

Signature cocktails and wedding cakes that are as beautiful as the are delicious. 

The best part of Menu planning 

Fathers who are emotional during their toasts.   Your college buddy with the sick dance moves.  Best friends that are as close as family.  Families that the very best of friends. 

our very favorite guests


You will find us skiing our mountains, playing in the rivers, snuggling our pups, laughing and talking at dinner parties long after the candles have burned out, or traveling the world seeking inspiration and adventure. 

When we aren't at your wedding


Flower girls that are just a little bit too sassy (if there is such a thing). Obsessing about centerpieces a little too much. Ed Sheeran songs for a first dance (don't judge). 

Wedding Day guilty pleasures


Give us sweeping mountain views, crystal blue waters,  and the natural landscapes that remind us all how beautiful the world is.

When choosing a destination, we always want...



Hearing each of you take your vows, committing your lives to each other, all the while hearing those words and making the same promises to our relationships... each and every time.

The most personal part of our job


our favorite things:

about you

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.

Our clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and a desire to create that which has not yet been created. 


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